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Some Interesting Fact Regarding Reseller Hosting That You Should Know About

One very important thing that you have to learn about hosting is the fact that it is broken down into three categories which are the following: shared hosting, dedicated hosting as well as reseller hosting. When we say shared hosting, this particular hosting solutions is actually considered as the most commonly used one wherein you have to pay a yearly or even a monthly fee to the hosting company that is providing you with the said service in lieu of a pre-determined amount of server space as well as bandwidth, with the inclusion of some additional features such as PHP support and also, CGI.

On the other hand, when it comes to dedicated hosting, what you need to know about is that, unlike shared wherein you can only pay for a specific amount of space and bandwidth, this kind of hosting solution is leasing out an entire server space to a certain client over which they will have fully control. Now that we have briefly discussed about the two hosting solutions we have made mentioned above, this time, we will be focusing our discussion on tackling about facts regarding reseller hosting. Therefore, if you want to know what it is, we suggest you to continue reading this article until the very end.

Now, do you have even the slightest idea of what unlimited reseller hosting really is? If not, then you should know that reseller hosting is a kind of hosting solution wherein a web host will get the chance of purchasing a bulk plan coming from the company offering the said service. Once they have purchased the bulk plan, what happens next is that, it will be subdivided into small categories for the purpose of reselling it to individual users. For those individuals out there who are interested in starting their own reseller web hosting business can actually procure large scale of hosting packages together with the ability of hosting bulk domain names. With this, they can then devise a way and a mean to give packages as well as plans to individual consumers without the need to go over the specific in terms of owning, managing and even maintaining the services that they have.

With regards to reseller hosting, the web server will then be managed and controlled by the reselling company itself and the web host can then go ahead and claim the server as theirs even if they do not actually have full access to the name.
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